Adam Beaudoin

Jazz Vocalist

Adam offers voice lessons for singers of all ages and skill-levels. If you’re a student who wants to add to what you’re learning in school, an amateur or professional musician looking to fine-tune your technique and develop your own unique voice, an adult who wants to feel more comfortable singing in public, or just love to sing and want more music in your life, Adam can give you the tools to rediscover the instrument you were born with.

The techniques and insights that Adam brings from his background in jazz and classical voice are universal, and equally transformative whether you’re singing soul, country, rock, or musical theater. His teaching emphasizes the fundamentals – healthy breath support, vowel clarity, natural and intentional phrasing, communicating an interpretation of the lyrics, and, most importantly, understanding the anatomy of the human voice – that provide a foundation for dynamic, effective singing in any style or context.

Contact Adam for more information. Lessons can be held in your own home, or in his Ulster County rehearsal studio. Rates may vary by lesson length & frequency.